Childhood favourites, for a family audience.

Five of Beatrix Potter’s celebrated children’s stories are brought to life. Originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at Christmas.

Potter’s love of the British landscape and its inhabitants – coupled with her world famous ability for storytelling – means she has been one of the most celebrated children’s authors of the last hundred years.

Here are five of her classic tumultuous tales, with a twist; including some of the lesser-known stories.

Beatrix Potter’s timeless wonders pit the delight and childlike innocence of the very human characters against the dark and dramatic ruthlessness of the food-chain-led underbelly of Cumbria’s fields and hedgerows.

Original author: Beatrix Potter
Adapted and directed by Sean Grundy.

Original Music by Phase Music.
Produced by Sally Harrison.
A Woolyback Production for BBC Radio 4. 

1/5 The Tale of Pigling Bland

Two young pigs embark on an adventure on the way to market. Starring Johnny Vegas and Morwenna Banks.

Pigling Bland – Johnny Vegas
Beattie – Morwenna Banks
Alexander Bland – Anjella Mackintosh
Piperson – Wayne Forester

2/5 The Tale of Peter Rabbit

If there’s one thing we should all know – it’s NOT to go into Mr McGregor’s garden. Starring Chris Addison.

Peter Rabbit – Chris Addison
Beattie – Morwenna Banks
Mr McGregor – John Henshaw
Mrs Rabbit – Anabelle Llewellyn
Flopsy – Anjella Mackintosh
Sparrow – Wayne Forester

3/5 The Tale of Jemima Puddleduck

Jemima looks for a quiet place to lay her eggs away from the farmer’s wife. Starring Janine Duvistki.

Jemima Puddleduck – Janine Duvitski
Beattie – Morwenna Banks
Mr Todd (Fox) – Seymour Mace
Kep – Wayne Forester
Hen – Anjella Mackintosh

4/5 The Tale of Mr Tod

Tommy Brock the Badger and Mr Tod the fox are old enemies. Stars John Henshaw and Seymour Mace.

Mr Tod – Seymour Mace
Tommy Brock – John Henshaw
Beattie – Morwenna Banks
Benjamin Bunny – Wayne Forester
Flopsy – Anjella Mackintosh

5/5 The Tale of Ginger and Pickles

A terrier and a ginger cat run a shop – mainly on credit. Stars Reece Shearsmith and John Henshaw.

Ginger – Reece Sheersmith
Pickles – John Henshaw
Beattie – Morwenna Banks
Sally Henny Penny – Anjella Mackintosh

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